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Our website offers Quality android play store app marketing and reviews service for your android apps at best prices. Our main aim is to provide services that help the developer to make app viral in the app store in an efficient manner. Our skilled team will review your site and start promotion, it will help to increase rate and install only in positive manner. We make your order to attain incredible results in a short time. We ask you to read our terms and conditions completely for standardizing the developer’s use before using our service.

Our website terms of service preface

Our website providing services of selling app reviews, ratings and even more for applications.

. The developer has to retain all rights, interest and title and our website does not have any rights of any kind in your applications.
. We try our best to deliver your ordered service within provided time frame.
. Our service all details written on packages must read them before making payment.

Developer responsibilities, demonstrations and guarantee

The developer accepts that it is exclusively accountable for and our website has no liability of any operation, maintenance of your applications. We do not have any responsibilities of your content and other materials that appear within your applications. Developer will be solely dependable for

. Technical functions of its applications and all concerned equipment
. Any claims connecting to any of your applications by users or other third parties
. Making sure that the applications and content accessible within your applications are not defamatory or otherwise unlawful

The developer illustrates, deserves and contracts to us that

. Your content and application will at all times comply with the terms of this contract and any other policies referenced in this agreement.
. Your applications should not contain any malfunctions, virus or other harmful codes.
. The content of the application cannot be unlawful in any way.
. Your content and applications should not violate or disobey the rights of any person or entity including trademark, patent and copyrights.


Our website is not liable for any client content or third party software, applications or in any connection with our service. We are not responsible for any technical failures or other issues of any service including damage for customer’s gadgets resulting from using our service both online and offline.

Constraint on liability

By using our website’s services, the App owner agrees that any disagreement that may occur between our website and owner will be resolved by talking.


The developer consents to assure and hold our website and its partners, agents and contractors from and against any loss.


These terms of use and contract represent the entire agreement between the developer and our website concerning the use of the service. The failure of any provision of these terms of use and contract shall not make up a waiver of such right at any instance. If any condition of these terms of use and agreement shall be considered unlawful, then that provision shall be supposed severable from these terms of use and should not manipulate the legitimacy of the remaining terms.