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Beloved customers, your comfort ability and privacy are very important to use. So, we have set some basic values and below are our privacy policy.

Personal identification details understands the privacy issues of our site viewers. Particularly, we realize the need of securing the personal identification information or data that are gathered about our website viewers. For this reason, we do not collect any personal information about the visitors like name, contact address, email and more when they have visited our site.

So, we do not collect these kinds of data in order to find, browse or compare the listed applications. However, we only collect and process the personal data belonging to the registered users when they submitting the forms on the site for variety of purposes. In that way, we enable the application provider to have their company and the product details that are listed on our site. As well as, we can also collect the information when the person or the visitors like to post a review or subscribe to the newsletter and more.

Non personal identification information

However, our site has the right to collect the non personal information and this can help to optimize the web pages of the visitor’s mobile phone or the personal computer. In this way, we can collect the non private information like visitor’s web browser, operating system or the service provider of the domain name and more. In fact, these kinds of the information are needed for our site to estimate the total number of visitors who have viewed our site. However, all these data can only be voluntarily submitted by the visitors. When collecting this information, some principles are followed. In that manner, we have ensured the collected data is based on our privacy policy and also important to check whether the visitor has submitted these details with his her acceptance.

Cookies usage

Our online app ratings site does not use the cookies to avail the personal data of our website visitors.

Facility of notification

We definitely inform you when we require your personal information and when it is used. However, all the information are used as whole and no data can be used for indentifying the person or for the communication purpose.

Commercial communications

Ads that are shown on our website page may be delivered to the users by the partners of the advertising. They may set the cookies for allowing the ad server to distinguish your computer every time they send the online ads. So, this privacy policy only covers the use of cookies by our site.

Security of our site

All the privacy policies that are mentioned in our may be changed from time to time. So, visitors are needed to check our site pages frequently whether any changes are made in the privacy policy. Of course, your sustained use of this website in our privacy policy will comprise your approval of the change.

If you have any other questions about our privacy policy, you can access our contact form.