Now when you are done with your app!

The design of the app is awesome working fantastically on your device. Even the niche is one which untouched and will not have to face competition. Everything is running smoothly but only one hurdle is there. You don’t have many people downloading the app.

If same is the scenario with you then you are in the same boat as the other publishers who face the same problem after they are done with app. But now the good news is that you can let the whole world download the app when done. People will download the app and use it.

Hard work accompanied with adequate knowledge of getting your app noticed in front of people will help you. Before proceeding towards as to how getting your app noticed it is mandatory that you should know how these apps are get more installs.


Some ways to boost your app download

  • Attractive app icon

It is a well known fact that first impression is the last impression. In this case the first impression of your app will be through icon. This is the first thing people notice when they search on app store. So the success of your app to a major extend relies on icon. The icon should be able to well define the app. It should be able to give a clear idea as to what the app is all about. But it should also be remembered that the icon is not too flashy. Keep it as simple as possible. The beauty lies in simplicity.

  • Social media reach

When you decide to promote the app on social media then see which social media can match the personality of the app. considering your app as a real human being just think what your app would look like and sound like. When posting on social media consider your app as a real person posting views. So keep the tone in same way. If your targeted audience is youth then the tone used in social media for posting should be that of a youth. Some of the famous networking websites are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.  They offer you paid ads which can be effective if you find right targeted audience which is really difficult task. If there is less number of your targeted audience you will get low number of app installs and ads spent cost will be higher.

  • An appropriate name and description

The name should be such that people remember it even after downloading it on phone and just don’t remember is that thing on phone. To strike the chords with the audience the name should be unique one. Various tactics to choose a name can be read before you zero one.

  • Well planned marketing strategy

If your budget allows you to effectively market the app then don’t shy way. Make a well planned strategy that can work wonders and spread a word in the market. This will help your app to become a burning sensation in the market.

These are few ways that you can use to boost your app installs. Apart from this you can also Visit our website and buy ratings, installs or reviews for your android app. This will develop a positive word in market.